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Basing on our 30 years experience, our first step is to plan how to make and how to control. Process FMEA and effectively designed Control Plans are good tools to start new business.


CNC Machining & Bending

We serve our products just in time and with best quality to our customers, thanks to our well trained staff and modern CNC machines. Bending process is done by hydraulic presses or manually in order to achieve best results according to customer specifications.


MAG Welding & Hot Brazing

After bending operations we make hot brazing to connect washers on the end of rods and MAG welding is done on the relativeley bigger sections such as nuts and spacer connections needed on the bigger diamater rods.

Induction Hardening

Depending on the part design and functional requirements, induction hardening is done in modern machines within the tight tolerances for the part sections which are subject to wear. Surface hardnesses from 0,2 mm to 6 mm depths with specific profiles can be achieved and reported to cutomers with the specimens..

Thermal Spray Molybdenum Coating

We are capable of coating “Molybdenum” on the parts which are subject to high frictional wear. Very specific process, with the newest technology applied in our company. High purity Molybdenum wire is melt and applied on the surface with high pressure by special equipments. The result is extraordinary wear resistance with smooth operation due to self lubricating properties of Molybdenum.


Surface Treatment

Basing on different functional expectations of each part, Cr3+ Zinc coating, Manganese Phosphate coating or electrostatic painting can be done according to the specifications. In case of demand, salt spray tests are performed and documented to the customers.

Quality Assurance

Initial Sample Controls, Serial Process Controls and Final Controls are performed by our “MITUTOYO CRYSTAPLUS M” coordinate Mesaurement machine and all measurements can be reported to our customers. New projects are started with initial samples accompanied with full PPAP file including tensile strength tests, hardness tests, microstructure and spectrometric tests as well as CMM measured dimensional reports.